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Remembering your 'joy'

Throughout life we take on roles of responsibility

  • an elder sibling

  • a younger sibling

  • the middle child

  • the teenager

  • the adult

  • the parent, mother, father

  • the main income earner

  • the main caregiver

  • a manager, supervisor, employee

Lots of roles define what we do and how we behave.

Does the role(s) you hold bring you 'joy'?

Joy can be found in simple things, 'celebrating a special memory', 'spending quiet time with someone you care about, 'treating yourself to a favourite food', 'being with nature, emersed in music, sitting in the environment'....

Why does 'joy' matter?

  • It reminds us of who we are

  • It restores balance

  • It helps us cope with what is going on in our lives, and gives us the strength to carry on OR,

    • change what we do next

  • It lets you take control of what is happening to you

How are you remembering to bring 'joy' back into your life?


IAnTeMo (24 Aug 2022)

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